We’re on a mission to help everyone realise their aspiration of owning their dream home.

Our Story

Habstash’s story began when co-founders, Vishal and Shivali, while working in Central London, discovered from conversations with friends and colleagues how difficult it was to afford and save for a home.

Curious to understand how widespread the situation was, the brother and sister duo interviewed random people in cafes, bars and streets, and confirmed that most young working people aspired to own a home one day. But they did not know where to begin. They could not make sense of the disjointed and myriad of information out there and expressed real confusion and frustration.

So, the co-founders did a lot of homework and legwork and built a solution to simplify the saving journey and realise the dream home. And that is Habstash.

Our Team

Vishal Gotecha


Shivali Gotecha


Our Values

Keep It Simple

We will strive to make customer experience as simple and friendly as possible. Our product and systems will be especially designed to simplify a complex series of rules and structures.

Do the Right Thing

We commit to honesty and transparency. It’s the only way to build credibility, as we create services of value to our customers and to the wider society.

Team Spirit

We value people with passion, creativity and humility. We work in a truly collaborative fashion, with full mutual respect.

No Limits

We like to dream and aim high. We are genuinely curious. We focus deeply on the issues our customers face and will continuously strive to improve our solutions.